Spring Lake Residents

All Spring Lake property owners and their children are eligible for a free library card.*  Complete a registration form in the library and present it with a form of ID such as a Drivers License or a piece of mail with your Spring Lake address.


*If you own property in Spring Lake, but live elsewhere through the school year, you are still eligible for a library card at no fee
*If you are renting a property in Spring Lake for the school year, you may sign up for a family card at no fee.

  Non-Residents and Summer Renters Living in the Spring Lake area

Non-residents and families renting in Spring Lake during the summer months may apply for a non-resident card. Simply submit the registration form, a form of ID that shows current address and the applicable fee.  

Associated Fees:
Non-Resident- $15
Non-Resident Senior (Age 62 and older)- $10
Spring Lake Area Summer Renting Residents- $15



1501 Third Avenue

Spring Lake, NJ 07762